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The Spiritual Mental Health Diet:

online course with Christine Burke


Why is it a Diet? 


Well, really it’s about LIVING more peacefully, healthfully and joyfully.  But we will weed out and release the limiting factors in body and mind, and build a toolkit that will keep you connected to your natural brightest essence. HUMAN means – “light of the mind” 

Drawing mainly from Yoga and Ayurveda as well as soulful and healthful practices from other cultures, we will travel through, what Christine calls the “5 Trees,”  of Compassion, Purpose, Time, Abundance and Balance, which are based upon 5 of the philosophical principles of Hatha Yoga, called the Yamas.  Each week we will explore the theme, the practices and the essence of these in a practical and powerful way. 


What’s Included:


*This program includes five 90 minute online group sessions with an intimate group of members plus one bonus follow up call for support and check in.  During these calls Christine will outline the theme of the week, the daily practices and creative exercises that go with it.  We will discuss the spiritual and philosophical concepts that are associated.  Each week includes Breath Work, Hand Yoga (Mudras), a yoga practice to fit your body, creative exercises, health tips and more.  


*During the week we will be in touch and share via email.  You will receive one video per week to support your practice. You can ask questions, share experiences and you will receive encouragement and support throughout.  If desired an additional private session is an option.


*You receive a beautiful workbook in PDF form that you can print out and use to record your journey.

What people are saying

Christine’s program and guidance are priceless.  Through her vast modalities, I was guided to create a spiritual practice of my own.  She helped to move me from my everyday survival stress to a calmer, happier and more grounded place.  Hurry - this is not to be missed!


-Jenny Eakes 2019

"Christine really has changed my life. She has given me tools to center myself, relax and live a life full of happiness. There was a stark difference between when I started the program and when I ended the program. The practices Christine teaches are not only easy but they WORK. They have helped me to lead a more wholesome life full of inner peace and clarity. Whenever I'm feeling stressed out, I go back to our program and use some of the methods we used from it. It always does the trick."

- Jessica B.

"This fantastic program provides a much deeper process than a traditional diet.  This is about understanding what you are feeding - the key is to feed a positive and life affirming relationship with your life.  This mind/body approach is transformative in a way that leaves a lasting impact.”

-Freeman M

The Spiritual Mental Health Diet that Christine has created is simply amazing.  It has taught me the value in releasing negative thoughts that cause limitations.  The program has truly fulfilled and inspired me.  I am now able to realize what is essential to my spiritual growth and bring that to the forefront…It’s a beautiful thing.

-Karen M. 2019

"The SMHD-1 proved to be an exhilarating and sublime experience, that will last forever for me. I loved the structure, with focus on each component, Spirit, Mind, Body, for ten days at a time, through discussion, yoga/breath practice/ questions and answers / morning pages, setting intentions, input from group members that lent a feeling of camaraderie and connection, etc etc. ... I could go on and on... and ultimately took away many valuable experiences from  this first course. And, looking forward to the next course that begins soon. Thank you Christine and everyone in the group for making #1 such a wonder-filled experience!" 


~Marilyn M. 2018

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