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My story

At the age of 8, lying on the orange shag carpet gazing out the window at the clouds, I remember thinking that the "now" was very important. That each moment was a tiny universe and would never happen again. Throughout my life I have been searching and have always felt most comfortable when asking the big questions of life while fully immersed in the small moments of existence. Yoga is a practice that allows me to live life as a quest, a magical journey and the gift of sharing that with others is my eternal good fortune.

I stepped into Yoga late by todays standards, as an actress and former dancer in New York. My first class ever was at Integral Yoga in a dark room on the West Side of Manhattan, carpeted and filled with incense. I remember rolling around and then relaxing amidst white turbans and sweat pants. It felt like heaven. From there I went to Jivamukti and I was enthralled by the practice as taught by David Life and Sharon Gannon. Their punk, carnival, theatrical aesthetic was merged with deep spirit, music and humor. I studied there as well as Integral Yoga and Om Yoga until moving to Los Angeles in 1994. This was a move that was inspired by intuition and divine inspiration rather than logic. I credit my practice for tuning me into a way of living that has allowed the unfolding of miracles to occur. It was here that I met my husband to be (Gary McCleery) who introduced me to many things that opened my life including Center For Yoga (pre-Yoga Works) where I became a general manager alongside Gary. Though we were both working and invigorated actors, I felt a strong calling and began teaching in 1999, receiving my certification from CFY in 2000. I am a RYT with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour + level. I have been influenced, inspired and challenged in person by Frank White (changed my life) Steve Walther, Ana Forrest, Edward Clark(Tripsichore), Marla Apt, Paul Cabanis, Patricia Walden, Jill Miller, Darren Main, Ganga White, Tracey Rich, B.K.S. Iyengar, and a myriad of thinkers, philosophers, gurus and sages through books, lecture and the like. I have also been profoundly influenced by our magnificent teachers at Liberation. My main inspirations come from my husband, daughter Clementine, all our animals past and present, my students, friends, incredible family, Mother Nature and too many poets, musicians and artists to mention.

In 2004 we felt the need to open Liberation Yoga and in order to do so we had to let our precious Salvation Theater in Silverlake go, after 4 ½ years. We wanted to hold the space for a truly independent yoga studio amidst the boom in yoga that brought a decidedly corporate mentality to many studios that were developing at the time. It was, and is, our vision to bring people together with yoga and all art forms as the glue, to feel the warmth and connection that is found in real time and in real space. To share the journey of humanness together and to discover more of who we are individually and collectively.

In 2008 Gary and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter Clementine. As “older” parents it has been a natural miracle and life altering gift and is she who so often teaches us.

Liberation has weathered many storms and so have I. As we all have. It is my intention to grow softer and stronger and yoga is my raft. What interests me at this time is sitting with people and exchanging energy, conversation, experience and being the guide for transformation whenever I can. I am an avid reader, lover of vegetarian and vegan food (a veggie since age of 11) and organic wine, playing with my child and friends, being in nature, learning new Eco DIY methods for fun living as shared with me by Clementine, and finding hidden wonders in the heart beat of the city. I am most at home on a yoga mat, dancing in my living room, writing at my desk, being in snow or water, at Liberation or amongst heart centered people.

I would love to hear your story~

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